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Petaluma Panthers Football and Cheer


PPYF&C Age/Weight Requirements

*The players are is their age as of August 1 of the current year.
**Weight below is set in pounds.


Practices for football are held 5 days a week starting July 22nd 2019. Full participation is expected from all players during the season so please plan your vacations accordingly.

Once school starts, practices will be 2-3 days a week, see your coach for details.

Games are played on Sundays from August - Mid November (including holiday weekends)


Petaluma Panthers will provide the following:
*game pants
*practice pants
*shoulder pads
*knee pads for game pants
*game socks

$100 refundable deposit check is required.

What YOU need:
*home and away game jersey's (purchased through Petaluma Panthers at Registration with a $100 One-Time Fee)
*blue practice jersey (purchased at Zephyr Pacific Sportswear - 210 F St Petaluma)
*integrated padded girdle (hip, butt, thigh pads) (for games)
*mouth guard

Optional accessories: gloves, arm pads, towel, back protector, etc.


Petaluma Panther Refund Policy

A full refund of registration dues will be given before July 1, 2019.

50% refund will be given until the last day of the first week of practice (July 26th, 2019).

0% (NO) refund will be given AFTER July 26th, 2019.

No refunds on any equipment/gear after July 1, 2019.

No refunds (EVER) on any personalized equipment.