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Petaluma Panthers Football and Cheer



Practices for football are held 5 days a week for the first 3-4 weeks. Full participation is expected from all players during the season so please plan your vacations accordingly.

Once school starts, practices will be 2-3 days a week, see your coach for details.

Games are played on Sundays from August - Mid November (including holiday weekends)


Playing age of a football player is determined by their age on August 1st of the current year.
U14 players can not turn 15 during the calendar year of the season.
There is no weight gain allowed during the season, once a player goes over the max weight they become a X-Men for the remainder of the season.
Each level can have an unlimited number of X-Men. X-Men can only play on the offensive or defensive line with a max of 5 X-Men on the field.
X-Men can now be on PAT and be a snapper, they are excluded from kickoff and kick return.
If a X-Men picks up a fumble or gets a pick during live play the play stays live instead of being called dead.


Petaluma Panthers will provide the following:
*game pants
*practice pants
*shoulder pads
*knee pads for game pants
*game socks

$150 refundable deposit check is required.

What YOU need:
*home and away game jersey's (purchased through Petaluma Panthers at Registration with a $100 One-Time Fee)
*blue practice jersey (purchased at Zephyr Pacific Sportswear - 210 F St Petaluma)
*integrated padded girdle (hip, butt, thigh pads) (for games)
*mouth guard

Optional accessories: gloves, arm pads, towel, back protector, etc.


Petaluma Panther Refund Policy

A full refund of registration dues will be given before July 1st, or the cancellation of the season.

50% refund will be given until the last day of the first week of practice.

0% (NO) refund will be given AFTER the first week pf practice.

No refunds on any equipment/gear after July 1st.

No refunds (EVER) on any personalized equipment.